CARF Hawk - 1:5.4 scale

Powered by a JetCat 140RXi turbine.

CARF Ultra Flash - Shui Scheme

Powered by a JetCat 160SX turbine.

BVM Bobcat Composite

Powered by a Jets Munt VT80 turbine.

Fei Bao Dolphin S

Powered by an old Robbe Ropulsion RP-120 turbine.

Savex L-39

Powered by an early Wren 44 manual start turbine.


BVM Maverick Pro

Powered by Wren 54 turbine and being flown with elder son Jack and his original Maverick.

The Maverick Pro was my first turbine model! Converted from i.c. ducted fan (last picture below) using a RAM500 turbine. Originally built and flown in 2001.

-------- Jets I no longer own --------

Fei Bao F-9F Panther - 1:6 scale (Now Sold)

Powered by a Jets Munt M140 turbine.

Fei Bao L-39 (now owned by elder son Jack) and JSM Xcalibur (sold)

L-39 Powered by a Jets Munt VT80 turbine.