Building The Fat Capri

Stage 2.

I used a 'spare' old bonnet and cut a massive, simple hole in it then used card taped in place to get the exact shape of the cutout around the engine.

I was able to keep the size of the bonnet opening to the absolute minimum... here I am just working forward to the pulley and belt cover.

Couldn't resist it... here's the driver's eye view of the supercharger and scoop! Plenty of visibility, officer.

I transferred the card template to the real bonnet. Here's the new bonnet cut and primed with a new fabricated 'bulge' to cover the belt and pulley.

Another view of the supercharger and scoop through the bonnet. The bonnet opens normally on its regular hinges and catch at the front.

The car's really starting to take shape now as I've managed to prepare and get the roof and door pillars in their first coat of primer.

For the first time, the car is all in primer, so I rolled it out of the garage to take a complete series of photographs all the way around it.

It doesn't look much, but it had taken a whole weekend to get this far!! As much time had been spent masking it out the rest of the car...

At last, the front of the car was finally in paint! Two coats of Ford Imperial Blue, followed by another 2 coats of clear. Plenty of polishing still required.

With the roll cage so visible, it's almost a shame to tint the windows (which I had planned to do). Maybe I'll leave them clear. Chrome mirrors still to go on.

Don't panic... the registration isn't staying! It had to be MOTed and taxed with its original number. Once DVLA return the documents it will be FAT 744T.

Taken out for a spin the day after its first MOT (April 2006) my friend Cliff kindly took this series of shots and a couple of short video clips.

Finding a chrome 'blown' badge to go with the V8 was a real stroke of luck! I'd been ready to airbrush the word when I stumbled across this one.

The odd wheels aren't helping, I know... The fronts (5 spoke Revolutions) are staying, but will be stripped and sprayed silver.

First trip out with its FAT registration. Happy days! It's completely legal - taxed, MOTed and on the road after years of building. Woo hoo :o)