Building The Fat Capri

Scroll down to see how the Fat Capri was built.

After marking out, the first arch was cut using a hand nibbler to match the height of the inner wing to give maximum clearance on the wheels.

With the arch removed, I could see that I could afford to go even higher up the bodywork and gain another inch or so of clearance.

The first arch was constructed using 20 gauge steel over 6mm diameter steel rod to keep the lines of the original panel.

The arch was tacked together to ensure the fit and appearance was what I was after. Just the lower sections of the arch to add now.

The top of the arch was filled in with a piece to bridge below the quarterlight and the new wing. Card was used to protect the glass while welding.

With a coat of primer sprayed on and the car rolled out of the garage for the first time, I could see that the theory was working. Wash down needed!

The arches add around 5" to each side of the car and gives plenty of room for the 10" wide wheels and 265mm wide tyres.

Just a matter of blending in the back of the arch with the rear valence to address now, but I was happy with the overall shape of the new arch.

The second arch was a little more tricky as there is the problem of the petrol tank access. You can see how far the new wing extends over the original.

Both rears in primer and there was a real sense of achievement! Great to see it on big wheels and view the overall effect of the body mods so far.

With an increased width of 10" at the back, the new shell really is going to live up to the FAT registration! Plenty of room for big tyres this time.

From the side, the car looks like any other X-Pack Capri. It's only when you move behind that you see the real effect! Ready to move onto the fronts now.

I wanted plenty of clearance, so marked out my cut-lines with masking tape to give me plenty of room for my 8" x 15" front wheels and 225 wide tyre

I set to with an air saw and hacked off a large part of the front wing! I intenden to re-use the good condition arch section in the new XXX Pack wing.

With the centre-line marked, 6mm diameter wire was used to create the crease line in the new wing. This was checked for level and braced to the wing.

A new X-Pack spoiler was then temporarily fitted to give me an accurate line to finish the wings. This was simply packed with spacers so that it was held level.

With the first steel panel cut using a card template, I set to with the DA to strip off the paint where I was going to weld. The new panel was held in place...

...then tack welded in place. As soon as this was done, I moved to the other side and repeated the exercise for the second wing.

With the spoiler held level, I welded in a bridging plate to give me a lower line to work to, with turned up tabs for the next part of the wing.

Having made another template from card, I then cut the final pieces of steel for the front wings and seam welded them in place. Just the arch to re-fit now.

After trimming away the excess metal away, I could then tack the old wheel arch back in place on the new wing, from inside. I'm pleased with the result.

With the metalwork on both wings completed, the spoiler could be permananently fixed in place with a combination of fibreglass and aluminium rivets.

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